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by Ayoub Umoru

Sharepoint Content Migration & Synchronisation

Command Line Switches

  • -OverrideSchemaVersion "" (Enables support for SP2013 when SchemaVersion is from SP2010 (14.*))
  • -IgnoreRequirements (Removes the requirements of having the same features installed & activated on the destination)
  • -ReCreateSiteCollection=$true
  • CreateIfNotExistSiteCollection=$true
  • -DefaultMasterPage=$true

Try out release 1.2. Validated support for content migration/synchronisation between SP2010 and SP2013.

  • SharePoint2010->SharePoint2013 content deployment/migration
  • Full migration
  • Incremental migration
  • Retaining original metadata : Created,CreatedBy,Modified,ModifiedBy
  • Lookup column support
  • Support for disconnected scenarios (2 different Farms Intern vs Extern)
  • Support for FBA->NON-FBA content deployments (fba-extranet vs. intranet)

Version 1.2 functionality
  • Support for site collection deployment

I have created a tool for Content Deployment between two SharePoint Farms.
By using the switch OverrideSchemaVersion it is also possible to deploy content from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013.

Its made of PowerShell Scripts and XML.

Of course there are other tools already on the market, but with this Solution you are able to "Copy" only the list, without being forced to Copy the whole SiteCollection.

It is also possible to establish a content deployment scenario with having different Farm Versions/Patch Levels and Feature sets in the Source VS. Destination.

This tool makes it possible to implement an incremental content deployment scenario for SharePoint Lists between two distinct Farms

  • Each Farm needs a own copy of the scripts.
  • Both Farms share the same storage and export/import history file

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